13 July 2010

move forward.

We live our lives forward but we understand them backward.

S. Kierkegaard

11 July 2010

i am loved.

When we become aware that our stuttering, failing, vulnerable selves are loved even when we hardly progress, we can let go of our compulsion to prove ourselves and be free to live with others in a fellowship of the weak. That is true healing.

Henri Nouwen
Gracias! A Latin American Journal

06 July 2010

the mr. and mrs. (of july 3rd)

there is perhaps no greater gift than to be a part of wedding in which you feel intimately known and connected to both the bride and groom. nolan and emily's wedding was just that. on july 3, family and friends gathered together in green bay, wisconsin to celebrate their commitment of love. the weekend could not have been more delightful; the day could not have been more beautiful.

thank you for enriching my life as you do, mr. and mrs. ball.  congratulations to you!

this last one is my favorite. look at nolan's face just after he kisses his beautiful bride. now that is love.