30 October 2010

a weekend away.

an evening spent at a cabin in the woods without electricity, leaving only conversation and catan for entertainment. yes, please.

29 October 2010

gavin richard.

What an honor it was to share in the sweet, early moments of Gavin's life. Wishing the Racer's much health and happiness this fall and beyond!

27 October 2010


although still in the works, the new website has been activated. check it out at: http://www.kjphoto.org

25 October 2010


"Don't forget we need each other." - Mother Teresa

How beautiful.  A reminder to strive for interdependence and communion with others. The past couple of years have taught this overly independent, stubborn woman (me), that I am in need.  That through raw vulnerability and honesty, healing begins. In weakness I have found strength.  How grateful I am for all of those patient people in my life that have entertained the conversation(s). Thank you.

19 October 2010

hailey joy.

love, love, love.

anderson & fam.

knowing how wonderful andrea is, i should have guessed her family would be just as lovely. what a great afternoon to spend with the wold's!

This last one is my favorite. I just love children with an opinion.

while on the road.

perhaps the most fabulous thing i have ever encountered at random.

john & meredith.

this family was so much fun!
the highlight of the evening? some seriously sweet dance moves.
congratulations to you, john and meredith!

13 October 2010

baby, baby.

(yes, i'm quoting amy grant.)

one of my favorite aspects of this job is being invited into the homes of friends and family during a time of great anticipation. it was so wonderful catching up with these two and sharing in some of the sweet, quiet moments before the birth of baby racer.


i spent forever trying to composite these images today. since i'm short on time, you get the incomplete project.

i love this time of year: the crisp air, the reds and yellows, an excuse to settle in earlier at night. and like most good things, it's better shared. this is just one more reason to be thankful for sarah. she is the sort of friend that everyone should have. be it walks, runs, or bike rides, sarah has listened, laughed, and cried through it all with me.  and it helps that she has an awesome dog, too.