30 November 2010

super duper cooper

highlights of the week included: cooper, time with the johnson's, fresh seattle crab, oprah reruns, my mom's thanksgiving cooking (although this is more like the highlight of the year), an evening with high school friends, three games of catan, the padres, time with the telling's, fresh seattle salmon, one very long parade (good idea, cooper), a day downtown, peppermint hot chocolate, mootz, and mocha mondays (followed by mocha tuesdays, mocha wednesdays, mocha thursdays and mocha fridays, naturally).

cooper is one of the sweetest boys i know. he is smiley, well-mannered and inviting. if my mom was missing from the room cooper would quickly notice, saying, "c'mon nana, c'mon nana" while extending a hand towards her. i was so thankful to spend 2 full days with the johnson's and to have the telling's over for an afternoon. it is always a gift to have a full family around the table.

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  1. Karin, I so LOVE these photos. Thank you for capturing the little love of my life. He fills my heart with joy daily...and it runneth over. It was so great to see you. What a gift to have gained to sisters when I married Brian.

    Love you dearly.