26 May 2011

to chicago we go.

With wedding season picking up, everything has been so so busy.  Every spare moment there is I intend on soaking up. SO, Miss Laura Thompsen and myself are headed to CHICAGO to visit our dear friend Sarah Rohde on the Megabus this weekend! I am pumped.

It has been along time since I have taken photos that are non-wedding related, so I intend to do so this weekend. Looking forward --

25 May 2011


"Something will grow from all of this...and it will be me."

Laura gifted me a card today by Jodi Hills with this saying on it. I think I might frame it.

05 May 2011


While reading the last of The Red Tent along the shores of Como Lake tonight with the sun setting in the distance, this passage claimed my thoughts for a good while:

"After my return, I never fully lost my reverence for ordinary pleasures. I arose before Benia to study his face and breathed silent prayers of thanks. Walking to the water fountain or pulling weeds in the garden, I was overcome by the understanding that I had spent a whole day without the weight of the past crushing my heart. Birdsong brought me to tears, and every sunrise seemed a gift shaped for my eyes."