31 August 2011

Site Moved

Karin's blog has moved. Check out: http://alongtimetraveler.wordpress.com/

26 May 2011

to chicago we go.

With wedding season picking up, everything has been so so busy.  Every spare moment there is I intend on soaking up. SO, Miss Laura Thompsen and myself are headed to CHICAGO to visit our dear friend Sarah Rohde on the Megabus this weekend! I am pumped.

It has been along time since I have taken photos that are non-wedding related, so I intend to do so this weekend. Looking forward --

25 May 2011


"Something will grow from all of this...and it will be me."

Laura gifted me a card today by Jodi Hills with this saying on it. I think I might frame it.

05 May 2011


While reading the last of The Red Tent along the shores of Como Lake tonight with the sun setting in the distance, this passage claimed my thoughts for a good while:

"After my return, I never fully lost my reverence for ordinary pleasures. I arose before Benia to study his face and breathed silent prayers of thanks. Walking to the water fountain or pulling weeds in the garden, I was overcome by the understanding that I had spent a whole day without the weight of the past crushing my heart. Birdsong brought me to tears, and every sunrise seemed a gift shaped for my eyes."

24 March 2011

a confession.

Andrew's confession to AnaLisa today,
"Mom, sometimes Karin lets me splash in the puddles."

So true, Andrew. So true.

21 March 2011

25 of 25

I don't think anyone reads this anymore, which is exactly why I can post this. But if you do, I would suggest celebrating each new year with a celebration of the last. It has proved to be a healing practice. (Note: I cannot take credit for this idea. I copied a friend.) Regardless, how beautiful upon entering my 26th year to reflect upon 25 reasons why year 25 rocked. Maybe some day I will look back on this with awe at how everything unfolded perfectly, in its own time. It is good to celebrate who we are and where we are.

  1. I successfully trained and ran a marathon (in under four hours, with a hurt knee).
  2. Bread making has become a favorite pastime and I have left loaves on my neighbors’ doorsteps for no reason.
  3. Weekend adventures have continued, including three camper cabin weekends, a biking weekend in Lanesboro that included a high school football game and gas station hot chocolate, and I went winter camping.
  4. I started classes at Hamline for my Master’s in Teaching. Four semesters later, I still have a 4.0.
  5. Biking long distances is now a common practice.
  6. I have successfully grown a tomato plant and kept 3 houseplants alive. This is huge.
  7. I purchased a magic bullet.
  8. My photography business has legitimately become a business. I celebrate having a job that brings so much joy.
  9. Beyond my own business, I became a part of Studio 220, a photography studio in the twin cities. In countless ways, it’s a perfect fit.
  10. I have more or less abided by our apartment cleaning schedule.
  11. I work as a youth director.
  12. I have written letters to friends for no reason other than to remind them of their fabulousness.
  13. I made the brave and difficult decision to break up with a dearly loved friend. Not only was he all I knew of my Minnesota life, but he was also my best friend. It was a decision of the heart, not the head. I am proud of myself for following my gut, and proud of my family and friends for believing in me when my own belief falls short. Even more so, I'm proud that my family and friends continue to keep both of us in their prayers, trusting (hoping) that all will unfold as it should, and that time would reveal the meaning and beauty of all of this messiness and heartbreak.
  14. I have gone on random dates—something that I had never done until this year.
  15. I now own a REI Visa. 
  16. Memorizing scripture is something I have made an effort to do.
  17. I learned how to cross country ski this winter. And I did it regularly.
  18. Outings for no purpose beyond picture taking have become routine.
  19. My nephew Andrew and I go on regular dates.
  20. I had my aunt and uncle over for dinner.
  21. Podcasts are regularly airing in my bedroom.
  22. I went to the Wailin’ Jenny’s concert in Red Wing.
  23. I have made new friends.
  24. I signed up to be a Zumba instructor.
  25. Walks are a part of my nightly routine.
Year 26, BRING IT!

06 December 2010


Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.
- Wallace Stevens