18 November 2009

sarah & mike.

a cousin who is more like a sister and a fiancĂ© who loves her well -- i am thrilled to be a part of sarah and mike's celebration. 

matt & steph.


09 September 2009

i love love.

"love is new every morning." - lamentations

in the late afternoon of august 29, 2009, family and friends of mairead and tyler gathered together off the shores of flathead lake to celebrate and support the commitment they have chosen to make to each other. 

there was the bride...

and the groom...

and then the bride and the groom...

and maybe a few others...

it was an honor to be a part of their day.

andrew jacob.

in the midst of cultural readjustment, my sister and her family graciously opened their doors to me in minnesota. the highlight of the first nine months back in the usa? andrew jacob.


i was thrilled to reconnect with drew just recently after a summer spent in missoula, montana. he maintains one of the most beautiful, loving dispositions of any human being i know.